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Friday, October 7, 2011

You Spent How Much

I want Troy Palumalu's hair. It's so pretty and it doesn't look like it has split ends. A worthy investment? If you're a billionair willing to pay wopping million dollars for insurance.

It kills me what people spend their money on. I was checking my email this morning and found this on Yahoo! It seems like if something is more expensive people will spring for it. Cry of attention much? I find it bizarre just finding out that some girls spent $400 on homecoming... something that lasts 1 night.

Don't get me started on rappers where every other song the write is about money.

The price of tickets for the 2012 London Olympicswill be the priciest ever sold in the game history, simply because the process of selling tickets is now different.
If you are interested in seeing all of the ceremonies like opening or closing ceremonies with four A-rated events, then be ready to purchase a minimum of 10 tickets (per person) per event.
In this big playing event food and drinks are included with a seat, and the price of a ticket will cost you $7,300 per person. After taxes, the cost of a ticket will be $8,760 per.

What is with overspenders?

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