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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looky Here. I'm Back

Hey GUYYYYSSSS (and rabbits)!
I'm back! So I just had a very long conversation with myself (which I have quite frequently.) and decided I could care less about the hater coments I recieved about 1/2 a year a go. You know the ones that caused me to stop writing in the first place. I traced down where they came from and they ended up at one person's computer.... Whatever you can hate on but I'm just gonna stay strong.

So I guess that my biggest problem with life is that I let what people say get to me. Even though most of the comments come from my hater seen up above in real life. I have let this person make me cry too much!!!

I've been introduced to God and a great set of friends who basically told me its okay to let my freak flag fly. I'm not going to conform to the lifestyle of being fake and everyone pretending to like me. I'll just being myself and let people be themselves as well.

....So Lets Just Live Like We're In The Pink Song- Raise Your Glass

So You Can Hate On Me Hater Now Or Later