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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Products Seen On TV

Hey guys,
Throughout this I will not be using any product names do to the fact that I could be sued.

   So I have tried alot of commercial products, but tonight I think I found one that works but really hurts. It is a piece of rubber that you attach a sand paper adhesive to. It taks like 15 minutes to do one leg and you have to repeatedly rub it on the same area. It leaves a white dust that is supposibly "exfoliated dead skin cells" all over. It feels like bad skin rash or razor burn and makes skin really dry. So I suggest you just stick to a good 'ol razor and shaving cream.
Then theres that cake silicon pan that supposed to look like giant cupcake. When I open the freaking box I was so mad! They look twice as small as they do on TV.  Really company who makes them? There are way too many girls in the world who would do anything for a giant cupcake then they get it and you break their hearts? Also when trying to get them out they break apart! Talk about a birthday ruiner...
   My advice, if you want to buy a product off of an infomercial do the research and reviews! They really pay off in the end,

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