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Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Past Week

Hey guys, Wow its been forever since I wrote. Sorry. Just felt like talking about what I have been through lately. So it seems everytime my brother goes to the doctor something else is wrong with him. But maybe he'll get lucky and the problems will counteract. I'm really scared that this might be his last Christmas. As for school, the musical went great. Very funny actually. And my GPA for first trimester is really good for once. Speech started today. I'm in choral reading which apparently has nothing to do with music :( It seems music is the only thing I'm really good at. So my mom said that if I find the right student exchange program, keep my grades up, and get a job when I'm 16 to help pay I will be able to go to to Spain or Argentina my senior year. That works out perfectly because by senior year I will have finished 3 years of Spanish and the requirment is 2! I hope I can go to Spain because I heard there are a lot of crimes in Argentina. That would be one of thee best oppurtunities a person could ever experience. For now though, I'm just watching Charlie Brown and typing hoping that all stays well within my family.
Sening my love out you guys,

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