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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Have Done It!

Three days ago a very Asian Youtube short film was posted. Name- Agent of Secret Stuff. A comedy from well known youtubers NigaHiga and WongFuProductions about Aden (Ryan Higa), an agent in training who's final task before he becomes an A.S.S. or (Agent of Secret Stuff) is sent to a high school where he must protect Taylor (Arden Cho) from any dangers she might face.

At first she and her friends believe he is a creepy stalker but when he tells her why he is there they become friends. Taylor teaches him all of the thinks teenagers like to do because he has missed out on a regular life. But all seems bad when a fellow classmate becomes a suspicious person to Aden. The antagonist is Melvin (or Dominic Sandoval. He is well known as D-Trix from the ABDC winners Quest Crew.)
This production is fantastic! The acting is amazingly good! I suggest you watch this comedy- thriller. My ratings- 4 Stars! You can watch the 35 minute short film at
Thanks for reading my first video review,

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