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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really Airports? It's Too Much!

WTF happened to personal space? So if you pay attention to the news or if you have been on a flight lately you would know about the new code for airport security to check passengers. They're basically groping and touching all over. It's disgusting! I asked another person (my mom) their opinion and they said, "It's ridiculous. The body scanners and the metal detectors are enough." A person should not be touched like that by a stranger, let alone in public. It's all because of the stupid underwear bomber, shoe bomber, and chemical mixing. If they're really so concerned they might as well just close down airports and go back to ships and trains. If your usual airport as the opt. out option, urge them to do it. This way of security is not what you want to put in a child's mind. Then again maybe they just made this rule so that they could have it as a trending twitter topic for two days and better ratings on internation security from The U.N....
From the girl who speaks the truth,

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