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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Top Three Dislikes

I dunno bout the rest of you but I have pet peeves that are so bad that I want to bang my head on concrete. My number one dislike of all time is when people drag their feet when they walk. It's like "is there something wrong with your legs? Are they like jello?" Especially when they do it on non carpeted floors. Its so loud and it's worse that styrofoam rubbing together. Another ocd thingy I can't stand is when people say childish words. Especially when they talk about.... never mind I get disgusted even thinking about what they call human functions... I say everything politically correct, and if I don't I say "you know" and "thingy". Do you think any college is gonna accept anyone who says I have to go potty? Uhuh. Lastly, my pet peeve is people who don't like to be happy. Come on people, you have one life in human form, don't waste being consumed in self pitty! Be grateful that there are such things as laughing. Even though my friend Kanisha says I laugh weird....

As I read this while editing I realize, wow I really am messed up!,

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