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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Bravery Day

So today we celebrate Veterans Day if you are one of my American readers. Though I honor the millions of men and woman that saved the US I also feel guilty and almost ashamed. Millions of people of other orgins were killed from other countries for no reason by our vets. These people were just civilians. Why did America kill so many Germans and Japanese? All of those innocent people. They never killed a fraction of a American citizens. I'm sorry to say but today at the Vets assembly I wasn't happy. I do not hate America or any of these heroes. I realize they had no choice in their assignments. My basic point is that we need to honor the innocent people from the other countries that died. So with the remaining hours of the day please take a minute to pause and remember the 400 million people of the world who died.
Happy Bravery Day instead,

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