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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carlie Sheen Has the Key Of Success

Rawr! I'ma lion. JK!! So todays topic is-...... maybe Charlie Sheen. So I have a LOT of problems with this guy. If your sitting there wondering who the hell he is, it's guy off of Two and a Half Men. So he's been caught cheating on all of his wives. This Christmas he held his wife hostage and beat her while holding a gun to her head. Then a few days ago, he was with a porn star in a hotel. He locked her in a closet screaming. But what really gets me mad is that he never gets in trouble. He's the highest paid TV actor making $600,000 per episode. And everytime something bad in the media is about him he seems to get praised and a pay raise. So is that really key to being successful in Hollywood. I mean Lindsey Lohan is getting a million dollars just for an interview after rehab. That's it, (I say out loud really embarresing during musical practice). If I want to famous I need to be caught doing something horrible. But not as bad as Tiger though....

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