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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Have Done It!

Three days ago a very Asian Youtube short film was posted. Name- Agent of Secret Stuff. A comedy from well known youtubers NigaHiga and WongFuProductions about Aden (Ryan Higa), an agent in training who's final task before he becomes an A.S.S. or (Agent of Secret Stuff) is sent to a high school where he must protect Taylor (Arden Cho) from any dangers she might face.

At first she and her friends believe he is a creepy stalker but when he tells her why he is there they become friends. Taylor teaches him all of the thinks teenagers like to do because he has missed out on a regular life. But all seems bad when a fellow classmate becomes a suspicious person to Aden. The antagonist is Melvin (or Dominic Sandoval. He is well known as D-Trix from the ABDC winners Quest Crew.)
This production is fantastic! The acting is amazingly good! I suggest you watch this comedy- thriller. My ratings- 4 Stars! You can watch the 35 minute short film at
Thanks for reading my first video review,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really Airports? It's Too Much!

WTF happened to personal space? So if you pay attention to the news or if you have been on a flight lately you would know about the new code for airport security to check passengers. They're basically groping and touching all over. It's disgusting! I asked another person (my mom) their opinion and they said, "It's ridiculous. The body scanners and the metal detectors are enough." A person should not be touched like that by a stranger, let alone in public. It's all because of the stupid underwear bomber, shoe bomber, and chemical mixing. If they're really so concerned they might as well just close down airports and go back to ships and trains. If your usual airport as the opt. out option, urge them to do it. This way of security is not what you want to put in a child's mind. Then again maybe they just made this rule so that they could have it as a trending twitter topic for two days and better ratings on internation security from The U.N....
From the girl who speaks the truth,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Past Week

Hey guys, Wow its been forever since I wrote. Sorry. Just felt like talking about what I have been through lately. So it seems everytime my brother goes to the doctor something else is wrong with him. But maybe he'll get lucky and the problems will counteract. I'm really scared that this might be his last Christmas. As for school, the musical went great. Very funny actually. And my GPA for first trimester is really good for once. Speech started today. I'm in choral reading which apparently has nothing to do with music :( It seems music is the only thing I'm really good at. So my mom said that if I find the right student exchange program, keep my grades up, and get a job when I'm 16 to help pay I will be able to go to to Spain or Argentina my senior year. That works out perfectly because by senior year I will have finished 3 years of Spanish and the requirment is 2! I hope I can go to Spain because I heard there are a lot of crimes in Argentina. That would be one of thee best oppurtunities a person could ever experience. For now though, I'm just watching Charlie Brown and typing hoping that all stays well within my family.
Sening my love out you guys,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Bravery Day

So today we celebrate Veterans Day if you are one of my American readers. Though I honor the millions of men and woman that saved the US I also feel guilty and almost ashamed. Millions of people of other orgins were killed from other countries for no reason by our vets. These people were just civilians. Why did America kill so many Germans and Japanese? All of those innocent people. They never killed a fraction of a American citizens. I'm sorry to say but today at the Vets assembly I wasn't happy. I do not hate America or any of these heroes. I realize they had no choice in their assignments. My basic point is that we need to honor the innocent people from the other countries that died. So with the remaining hours of the day please take a minute to pause and remember the 400 million people of the world who died.
Happy Bravery Day instead,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Top Three Dislikes

I dunno bout the rest of you but I have pet peeves that are so bad that I want to bang my head on concrete. My number one dislike of all time is when people drag their feet when they walk. It's like "is there something wrong with your legs? Are they like jello?" Especially when they do it on non carpeted floors. Its so loud and it's worse that styrofoam rubbing together. Another ocd thingy I can't stand is when people say childish words. Especially when they talk about.... never mind I get disgusted even thinking about what they call human functions... I say everything politically correct, and if I don't I say "you know" and "thingy". Do you think any college is gonna accept anyone who says I have to go potty? Uhuh. Lastly, my pet peeve is people who don't like to be happy. Come on people, you have one life in human form, don't waste being consumed in self pitty! Be grateful that there are such things as laughing. Even though my friend Kanisha says I laugh weird....

As I read this while editing I realize, wow I really am messed up!,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Man Bear Pig!

Beware bananas killers!!!! Otherwise known as MAN BEAR PIG! It's a killer with the head of a pig the body of a man and the claws a bear. I'm not joking it's real and on the loose. If you see him please contact the athorities.
Okay so as you probably have noticed that I was joking. It was a prank that an email hacker sent out. I believed it at first.... Anyway it was like featured on SOuth Park. But I don't watch that show. Who ever created Man Bear Pig is my freaking hero. Some people are trying to tell me it's not real, but I know it is and it lives with Big Foot in Wisconsin. (shutters- ew Wisconsin) I'm thinking during Spring Break I will go on a hiking trip in search of him. Yea.... I have no idea how to camp... I'll just get a hotel and stay away from anyone from Aruba. RIP Natalie Holloway.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carlie Sheen Has the Key Of Success

Rawr! I'ma lion. JK!! So todays topic is-...... maybe Charlie Sheen. So I have a LOT of problems with this guy. If your sitting there wondering who the hell he is, it's guy off of Two and a Half Men. So he's been caught cheating on all of his wives. This Christmas he held his wife hostage and beat her while holding a gun to her head. Then a few days ago, he was with a porn star in a hotel. He locked her in a closet screaming. But what really gets me mad is that he never gets in trouble. He's the highest paid TV actor making $600,000 per episode. And everytime something bad in the media is about him he seems to get praised and a pay raise. So is that really key to being successful in Hollywood. I mean Lindsey Lohan is getting a million dollars just for an interview after rehab. That's it, (I say out loud really embarresing during musical practice). If I want to famous I need to be caught doing something horrible. But not as bad as Tiger though....