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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waiting is America's (Fat) Pride

Waiting is the reason why America is so obeese. My new philosophy as I wait for about 6 hours at the "supposible good" Mayo Hospital. Who wouldn't be mad as you must sit for so long and be told what to do. I could have gone to school today and exercised in gym class, instead I had to come here and listen to boring conversations and gross subjects. And it drives the hell out of me. They shouldn't make impatiant people do nothing for hours. I got so pissed today. It didn't help that I was hungry and tired. Plus there is rules that 17 and under people can't go in certain places. So as far as they know I'm 18. I read in a newspaper article that people spend more than 20% of their lives in waiting places and traffic. That is so alarming that we can't get anything done fast enoguh so we can't excercise and of course we gain weight. I wonder if any of you guys get mad waitning. Maybe if there was something better to do that sit around. Luckily though they have wireless so I can write this blog in the absolute tiniest room ever!  That's basically why I don't like traveling unless by air because honestly traveling all over the country is so boring and long.

But if they got treadmills in waiting room that would be so much better,

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