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Monday, October 25, 2010

Study Hall= Grrrrrrrish

Hey Guys,
It has been a looong day. SO this was a random request topic by a guy I know named Vinny. He's so crazy. In study hall he was listening to music and randomly starts lip syncing and air drumming. It was so funny. But it's probably his fault that we were all so loud. Thanks alot. JK but anyway we were all talking and laughing and the teacher was all grrrish and said that tomorrow staring on we have freaking seating chart and have to be quiet! WTF! People that has random moments don't know how to be quiet. I'ma be pissed if I end up sitting next to boring people. I mean HELLO IT'S STUDY HALL! Does she really expect us to study? Dear teacher, (no name classified so there's no way I can get in troubly) if we don't get graded in the class you shouldn't judge so harshly!
From the random girl who says what we need to hear,