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Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Things You Don't know About ME

Hey so I just wanted to tell you things about me that really do explain my craziness... maybe not explain but some examples!!!!!!!!
1. I really love candy so I named my guinea pigs after candy. Their names are Skittles and Reeses Pieces! (It's not like I want to eat them)
2. When it's cold out I'm hot and vice-versa when it's hot. But "technically" I'm not bipolar... for now
3. Everytime I see an animal I chase it down and try hugging it
4. I am an uber bitch if woken up in the middle night. But hey, it's not my fault you bothered me
5. I only listen to rap and pop. I read somewhere once that country music is a leading music for suicide and only depressing people would want to listen to that
6. I break out in dance in the middle of public when I hear a good song
7. One time I got into an argument with a door because twice in one day I ran into it... it didn't answer back. Doors weren't invented for privacy, they were made to make me feel bad about myself
8. I've never gone to the same school for more than 2.5 years
9. I laugh at the stupidest things
10. I could perform in front of the president and not be scared but I've never been able sing to my mom
11. I watched videos on youtube called The Annoying Orange who is an annoying talking orange but hillarious
12. I don't have much common sense
13. I'm an active member of JEL
14. HAPPY HANUKKAH! JK I'm not Jewish but if I was I would totally scream mazel tov all THE time

 My foot is asleep at this very moment,

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