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Friday, October 1, 2010

Now Is the Time

There is a serious epemdemic cross the planet that just keeps getting worse. When people hear this they usually think of deadly diseases. Not this time. It's bullying. In the past year I have had two friends kill themselves because of bullying. One almost a year ago the other just a week ago. It's disgusting that anyone would be so harsh to others. Now is the time that we all must join together and stomp out bullying. Just because your friends are gonna think your like the person you defend if they are teasing him doesn't mean you should just participate with them. That clarifies to most people as murder because you lead them through so much anxiety and depression they feel it their only way out. The national government has reported that nearly 30% of American teenagers have either been bullied or are they bully. That's so alarming. And most of the offenders are likely to have had at least one criminal charge. I can't stress enough on how much we need to end all discrimination. Everyday when we are at school we all see this happening others. Be the bigger person and go help that victim out. If you don't you're no better than the bully.

To learn more please visit
And if you or somebody you know are being bullied please tell somebody.

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