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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maybe Paris Was Told It Was Gum

When you turn on any media television show now you basically hear about drugs, celebs getting married or new movies that aren't worth seeing. Lindsey Lohan especially because she keeps on failing drug tests and being in and out of jail and rehab. People make fun of her but I blame her parents for starting out their child as a child star. Everyone knows that Dina and Michael Lohan are money hungry. So yeah most child stars either become has been or partiers who always fail drug and alcohol. But what really bothers me is how people keep nit picking at Paris Hilton. They say she always gets what she wants and out of trouble because of her daddy, but she works hard for her money. I beg differ. The hotel heiress recently was busted with pot in her purse while in Vegas recently. Reportedly she thought it was gum. Which makes people call her a dumb blond (which I find offensive). But maybe the guy she was hanging with gave it to her telling her it was a new kind of Stride or Orbit. Yes, she  is known for drug use but was it really necessary for Japan to keep her locked up in an air port? HECK NO! Maybe if the paparazzi gave them some space and let them work out their problems we wouldn't have another Britney shaving head while holding babbies hostage moment,
There problem solves,

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