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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ignorance in PUBLIC

Hey guys, so I wanna talk about who we all hate. It's always the kid in class who's really stupid and nobody likes. They think they're funny and screaming dumb jokes. We laugh along just to shut them up but really we all wanna go ninja cut their head off. It's seams what ever class I'm there's always one of hem. We're just fueling the dumb ass to keep going. The others who hate the person should all gang up and lock that person in a locker. And it's not really just in school. It's everywhere you go. This summer I went to Tennessee and Kentucky only to find out they're even more dumb and ignorant down south. Hillbillies are deff. one of my pet peeves! Shouting about common knowledge and saying jokes that went out like years ago.In conslusion, what the hell is wrong with America to let The Annoying into our regular life?

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