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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Youtube Comedians: Asians Rampage!

People who go on youtube are usually there to either
a.) listening to music
b.)looking up porn (not me just the people I know)
c.) Watching funny videos

I am all for a and c. And so I wanna give you some good adivse for people to watch.  I've noticed though that the most successful people are usually Asian. Which I think is awesome because Asian guys are so hot... AnYwAy I've done my research and devised 2 lists of comedians. Asians and no-Asians.

Non-Asian List

  • Onision -a white guy who's obsessed with anime and promotes being veggie
  • Shane Dawson -a white guy who includes what's happening in the celeb world
  • Danny Noriega -half Spanish guy who is funny even though he's just ranting or singing
  • Charlieissocoollike -a crazy awesome British guy who does funny challenges
  • KevJumba -an American who's dad with broken English is usually oriented in the vids and made fun of
  • NigaHiga -the most subscribed channel. A funny Hawaiin/ Asian who makes fun of everything you can thing ok
  • ShimmyCoCoPuffsss -a stylish (not gay) Canadian guy who likes to make fun of white people

So my question is why is the world so in love with Asians? Maybe it's because they fall into their own category of comedy. Or because they have sent China to implant chips into whatever they make for us (kidding). I think it is mostly funny to watch the Asians actually from Asia try speaking English! Whatever it is I can't get enough.


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