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Friday, September 17, 2010

There's a Point of Too BLOND

Hey guys! So I want to tell you just how blond I can get. So today was my worst blond day yet. So because we had first period in a different classroom this morning I thought it was later. I got first and secend period mixed up. WHICH IS A NIGHTMARE because I went to gym instead of choir and before I realized the confusion  I went to the locker room. I got changed and went out to the gym. I thought maybe they went outside and we didn't have to change out. SO I went outside where I ended up being LOCKED OUT OF THE BUILDING! I had to bang on the door for five minutes until someone let me in. I went all the way down to the woodshop room in my uniform only to find out from my class mates that it was second period. It was a total nightmare and I ended up getting a 15 minute tardy to chorus. I feel like a re-tardy! But this kind of thing happens to me everyday. I usually end up blaming all stupid things I do on the fact that I'M WAY TOO BLOND FOR MY OWN GOOD!

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