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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sister Pact? Insanity Mormanity!

Hey guys,
So I just got done watching a show called Sister Wives (c) TLC, and I am completely disgusted. I know I usually don't judge others but something like this needs some changes made!!!!!

Brief summery: A Morman man who is already married to three other women is and has many children starts dating and wants to marry another woman with 3 kids. And somehow these Polyigamists woman are okay with that. All the wives live together and raise their families together.

So my question is, is this really acceptable? It seems like this religion in particularly Utah treat their wives like a piece of meat. It is illegal to marry more than one woman in this country and most of the world. How are they getting away with this? I'm placing my money on them brain washing the woman into marriage.Most people usually agree with me when I get into this topic.

Also, why is the Morman religion so sexist? The men can have as many wives as they please but woman can only have one husband! Also in the really traditional little towns girls are expected to be married and have children by the age of 14. Either let have woman have more than one or obey the law.
But I guess it's not really surprising considering they have such crazy rules like they guys having to go on a mission for 2 years after high school, no caffine or alcohol. It's insane. And talk about a downer for the booze industries stocks. I know I could never live in a world my rights as an equal person. So just leave me a comment of your thoughts via twitter or facebook. I would love to hear.

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