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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sing/Talking Waiting For a New Chris Crocker!

Omg I just have to say that I actually support sing/talking! I mean "pop stars" like Ke$ha who don't actually sing but more like talk but still have hit "songs". They make me wanna party. It's usually fine as long as the have a good beat behind them.I mean you can even consider Britney Spears a sing/talker if you want. Oddly enough, I did research (for once) and scientist say that unless your 28 or younger your gonna be really annoyed. What ever I love this music and it makes me wanna dance because it brings out an 80's vibe.

But I'm waiting for a Leave Ke$ha Alone Video. Fans of Ke$ha no of fence but sooner or later she's gonna go really crazy and the media will treat her like a piece of garbage and money. I'm sure you Brit fans know what I'm talking about.

Maybe it will be me. Check around later on where I might have a mental break down over Nicki Minaj. Lol JK!


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