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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Earth... Is There a Kardahian There

So if you guys have been  paying attention to the news lately then you would know about this new crazy awesome planet that is just like earth. Has all these things that we do like oxygen, water, land but does it have aliens. It's like 120 trillion miles away so it would take hundreds of years to get there. So if you ever plan to even know if there is life on the planet just stop because unless you have a time maching you will never know. Plus what we see when we look up at night are stars and we see a couple thousand years into the past. So I guess I'll just have to except that I'll never get to go to another planet or if there is other life out there. Don't get me wrong, I know there is, I'm just waiting for proof before people declare just how crazy I am. Personaly I think scientificaly this planet has already died.

And what's up with the name? I mean who the hell names a planet Gliese 581. Maybe in the spoken language there it means Milf.... Anyway I don't it's right for humans to be aloud to name planets and galaxies that don't belong to us. What if the aliens come here with their awesome technology and kill us for trying to take over their property?!? Maybe their aliens are all awesome and the look like the Kardashians and they all either marry black athletes or white assholes.... Sounds like my kind of planet where we party it up!

Because we all know little green aliens aren't real,

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