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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Future (unrealistic) Plans

Hey guys,
What's up? I'm just kidding I really don't care considering nobody probably actually reads my blod so let's just talk about future unrealistic dreams. So I want to finish high school. From there move on to college mastering in anthropology. Which isn't going to be usefull because some time while performing in a musical event at the University of Iowa and a talent scout/ agent will discover me and fly me off to Los Angelas where I will land a good movie audition. With the money from that I will buy a nice Malibu beach house. And with the money left over start my music career and win Grammy's and Oscar's for the rest of my life! With vacation homes in a cottage in Germany, a villa in Rome, a beach house in Bali, and an apartment in Manhatten and Tokyo.

But just in case that doesn't work I will use the my degree and teach about psychiological history and finish German and move to the best city in the world, good ol' Berlin, Deutschland!

A wish can come true,

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