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Monday, September 6, 2010

Manipulative? Maybe not

Is it really considered manipulative to flirt with guys? Not in my book. If you think about it guys are attracted to us just by looking at our features and would probably end up what we want them to do any way. And its also the other way around. Think of it this way- a guy walks up to you at school. He's really hot and wondered if you could help tudor you. He's not flirting but you do notice what he looks like and makes you want to do it anyway.

So why do people call us whores/man-whores? Because they are jealous. Usually the ones who call us whores have horrible features and can probably never get dates. DUH! I mean really "shake what your momma gave ye" right! So the next time someone calls you a whore and remember that it was gonna happen anyway.


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