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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Hate Discriminators

You guys may think your so cool when you talk about people behind their backs. Usually it's about something they can't control. It just drives me insane to hear people discriminate. Where I hear it mostly though on television from the governent and in the school hallways. I go to a very small school thats in the middle of no where. Everybody their is VERY Christian and are set on their values. They constantly are hating on other religions and mostly homosexuality. And the governent (mostly republicans) is always asuming that if a person is Muslamic they are terrorist but they are not. I've met some before and they are very nice people. They also display homophobia by denying don't ask don't tell and not allowing gay marriage. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE GET OVER YOURSELVES! We are all people. But everyday we all hear people talking badly about race, gender, religion, sexuality, financial issues, political, appearence, ect.. Honestly I don't care what your probelms are with these people. And anyone can just as easily find something to bring against you.We are all humans and most of these issues people are born with and can't control. You probably think just because I am 14 I don't know what I'm talking about but I do know that pretty soon the world have to depend on eachother and if we don't get a long the world will end before 2012!
Please just think before you speakm

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