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Monday, September 20, 2010

Forget Back To The Future

Hey guys,
Who all wants to bring the eighties "totally" back? I do! Tight clothes, big hair, and music that has really no point. What could be better. I always wished I could have lived back then when everyone was so okay with others. My parents got to live back then and try telling me it was so awesome but apparently "I couldn't handle it". I beg to differ. The only down points are no modern technolgy or Tokio Hotel. I mean sure there was amazing music and hot guys but I would have only had crushes and fan girl moments of those bands. But the lead sing of Tokio Hotel I am in total love with. ACTUAL LOVE (and I'm not delusional.) But I really do think the 80's would be epic. Even if I might epically fail at rock and rolling all night and partying everyday but I so would put on my best hyper spirit. And I love love love the style back then. I mean, HELLO THEY DID CREAT SKINNY JEANS. And neon is something I wear everyday anyway so that's a check on my list! So I'ma just call up Dr. Emett Brown and Marty McFly and go for a ride in the Dalorian. (If you don't get that you don't deserve to be in the 80's.) Oh gag me with a spoon!
I'm totally fer sure like radically yours,

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