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Thursday, December 16, 2010

She Really Can't Be Tamed

Singer/ actress/ identity crisis Miley Cyrus is definitely not the best role model. She's been caught pole dancing, wearing revealing outfits, getting drunk, doing IT in a church. But that apparently "Not a big deal." A video was revealed last week of her smoking a bong with California legal drug Saliva. She got hallucinations saying she thought she kept seeing her boyfriend. Her friends video taped and she claims that she had no idea it was filmed. What I think is that she knew it was being filmed and wanted it to be released like other *ahem* "contented videos" celebs have done. And why not? It will just raise her ratings.
News flash Miley- You're just copying others.

In other celeb news
  • Kim Kardashian who's been in the media alot for being seen with many men for publicity says she's now going to be single. Indeed she does have much work in front of her but when did that ever stop her? All I can say is good luck
  • Hollywood is aflashin with rendezvous rumors between Prince Harry and Real Housewives of D.C. star Catherine Ommanny. But why does that matter now seeing as this may or may not have happened 3 years ago which is like a century LA time. If it did happen and I was her I so would not complain... he's hot and royal.
Oh well that's what you get from this world. So i'm just gonna enjoy the rest of my snow day,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Products Seen On TV

Hey guys,
Throughout this I will not be using any product names do to the fact that I could be sued.

   So I have tried alot of commercial products, but tonight I think I found one that works but really hurts. It is a piece of rubber that you attach a sand paper adhesive to. It taks like 15 minutes to do one leg and you have to repeatedly rub it on the same area. It leaves a white dust that is supposibly "exfoliated dead skin cells" all over. It feels like bad skin rash or razor burn and makes skin really dry. So I suggest you just stick to a good 'ol razor and shaving cream.
Then theres that cake silicon pan that supposed to look like giant cupcake. When I open the freaking box I was so mad! They look twice as small as they do on TV.  Really company who makes them? There are way too many girls in the world who would do anything for a giant cupcake then they get it and you break their hearts? Also when trying to get them out they break apart! Talk about a birthday ruiner...
   My advice, if you want to buy a product off of an infomercial do the research and reviews! They really pay off in the end,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Have Done It!

Three days ago a very Asian Youtube short film was posted. Name- Agent of Secret Stuff. A comedy from well known youtubers NigaHiga and WongFuProductions about Aden (Ryan Higa), an agent in training who's final task before he becomes an A.S.S. or (Agent of Secret Stuff) is sent to a high school where he must protect Taylor (Arden Cho) from any dangers she might face.

At first she and her friends believe he is a creepy stalker but when he tells her why he is there they become friends. Taylor teaches him all of the thinks teenagers like to do because he has missed out on a regular life. But all seems bad when a fellow classmate becomes a suspicious person to Aden. The antagonist is Melvin (or Dominic Sandoval. He is well known as D-Trix from the ABDC winners Quest Crew.)
This production is fantastic! The acting is amazingly good! I suggest you watch this comedy- thriller. My ratings- 4 Stars! You can watch the 35 minute short film at
Thanks for reading my first video review,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really Airports? It's Too Much!

WTF happened to personal space? So if you pay attention to the news or if you have been on a flight lately you would know about the new code for airport security to check passengers. They're basically groping and touching all over. It's disgusting! I asked another person (my mom) their opinion and they said, "It's ridiculous. The body scanners and the metal detectors are enough." A person should not be touched like that by a stranger, let alone in public. It's all because of the stupid underwear bomber, shoe bomber, and chemical mixing. If they're really so concerned they might as well just close down airports and go back to ships and trains. If your usual airport as the opt. out option, urge them to do it. This way of security is not what you want to put in a child's mind. Then again maybe they just made this rule so that they could have it as a trending twitter topic for two days and better ratings on internation security from The U.N....
From the girl who speaks the truth,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Past Week

Hey guys, Wow its been forever since I wrote. Sorry. Just felt like talking about what I have been through lately. So it seems everytime my brother goes to the doctor something else is wrong with him. But maybe he'll get lucky and the problems will counteract. I'm really scared that this might be his last Christmas. As for school, the musical went great. Very funny actually. And my GPA for first trimester is really good for once. Speech started today. I'm in choral reading which apparently has nothing to do with music :( It seems music is the only thing I'm really good at. So my mom said that if I find the right student exchange program, keep my grades up, and get a job when I'm 16 to help pay I will be able to go to to Spain or Argentina my senior year. That works out perfectly because by senior year I will have finished 3 years of Spanish and the requirment is 2! I hope I can go to Spain because I heard there are a lot of crimes in Argentina. That would be one of thee best oppurtunities a person could ever experience. For now though, I'm just watching Charlie Brown and typing hoping that all stays well within my family.
Sening my love out you guys,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Bravery Day

So today we celebrate Veterans Day if you are one of my American readers. Though I honor the millions of men and woman that saved the US I also feel guilty and almost ashamed. Millions of people of other orgins were killed from other countries for no reason by our vets. These people were just civilians. Why did America kill so many Germans and Japanese? All of those innocent people. They never killed a fraction of a American citizens. I'm sorry to say but today at the Vets assembly I wasn't happy. I do not hate America or any of these heroes. I realize they had no choice in their assignments. My basic point is that we need to honor the innocent people from the other countries that died. So with the remaining hours of the day please take a minute to pause and remember the 400 million people of the world who died.
Happy Bravery Day instead,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Top Three Dislikes

I dunno bout the rest of you but I have pet peeves that are so bad that I want to bang my head on concrete. My number one dislike of all time is when people drag their feet when they walk. It's like "is there something wrong with your legs? Are they like jello?" Especially when they do it on non carpeted floors. Its so loud and it's worse that styrofoam rubbing together. Another ocd thingy I can't stand is when people say childish words. Especially when they talk about.... never mind I get disgusted even thinking about what they call human functions... I say everything politically correct, and if I don't I say "you know" and "thingy". Do you think any college is gonna accept anyone who says I have to go potty? Uhuh. Lastly, my pet peeve is people who don't like to be happy. Come on people, you have one life in human form, don't waste being consumed in self pitty! Be grateful that there are such things as laughing. Even though my friend Kanisha says I laugh weird....

As I read this while editing I realize, wow I really am messed up!,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Man Bear Pig!

Beware bananas killers!!!! Otherwise known as MAN BEAR PIG! It's a killer with the head of a pig the body of a man and the claws a bear. I'm not joking it's real and on the loose. If you see him please contact the athorities.
Okay so as you probably have noticed that I was joking. It was a prank that an email hacker sent out. I believed it at first.... Anyway it was like featured on SOuth Park. But I don't watch that show. Who ever created Man Bear Pig is my freaking hero. Some people are trying to tell me it's not real, but I know it is and it lives with Big Foot in Wisconsin. (shutters- ew Wisconsin) I'm thinking during Spring Break I will go on a hiking trip in search of him. Yea.... I have no idea how to camp... I'll just get a hotel and stay away from anyone from Aruba. RIP Natalie Holloway.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carlie Sheen Has the Key Of Success

Rawr! I'ma lion. JK!! So todays topic is-...... maybe Charlie Sheen. So I have a LOT of problems with this guy. If your sitting there wondering who the hell he is, it's guy off of Two and a Half Men. So he's been caught cheating on all of his wives. This Christmas he held his wife hostage and beat her while holding a gun to her head. Then a few days ago, he was with a porn star in a hotel. He locked her in a closet screaming. But what really gets me mad is that he never gets in trouble. He's the highest paid TV actor making $600,000 per episode. And everytime something bad in the media is about him he seems to get praised and a pay raise. So is that really key to being successful in Hollywood. I mean Lindsey Lohan is getting a million dollars just for an interview after rehab. That's it, (I say out loud really embarresing during musical practice). If I want to famous I need to be caught doing something horrible. But not as bad as Tiger though....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Pucker Worse Than a Fish

Hey guys! SO it's Saturday, I'm at school and it's not even 9. Just my luck so of course I'm mad! I'm typing this before my six hour musical practice starts. It shouldn't be legal to hold this long of a practice let alone on a weeek end. Sorry I haven't posted lately but I've been sick. Bleh! So todays topic is- what's up with peops 'faces when they eat certain foods. For instance, when ever I eat anything that has a little sour my face puckers worse than a fish. And when I eat salsa and stuff my face litteraly turns purple. I can't help but laugh at it at lunch. I realize that this boring... blame Sarah. And the random sophmore sitting by me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Study Hall= Grrrrrrrish

Hey Guys,
It has been a looong day. SO this was a random request topic by a guy I know named Vinny. He's so crazy. In study hall he was listening to music and randomly starts lip syncing and air drumming. It was so funny. But it's probably his fault that we were all so loud. Thanks alot. JK but anyway we were all talking and laughing and the teacher was all grrrish and said that tomorrow staring on we have freaking seating chart and have to be quiet! WTF! People that has random moments don't know how to be quiet. I'ma be pissed if I end up sitting next to boring people. I mean HELLO IT'S STUDY HALL! Does she really expect us to study? Dear teacher, (no name classified so there's no way I can get in troubly) if we don't get graded in the class you shouldn't judge so harshly!
From the random girl who says what we need to hear,

Friday, October 22, 2010


In life it is hard to meet someone who truly likes you for who you are. But when you do you know straight away that your gonna be friends.So I have a mix of friends that I hang with everyday. There's the totally girly ones at lunch who are abso. funny! The nerdy twins who I hang with in the hallways to copy homework and discuss fashion (theirs is boring). The shy ones in choir and on the bus. And there's everyone else. It's way hard for me not to be friendly though. Yesterday my friend Sarah started calling me Jennibear, lol, because it's like gummy bears which I love. I think the only people I'm not friendly to are the ones everyone else hates. But it's hard not to, they're the ones who decided to not go with the flow and be rude to everyone else. Friends are deff. a good foundation to staying positive... unless your the reckless guys who think their bad ass when they're really not. Anyways thanks for being my friend~
Shout outs to Hannah, Mica, Kanisha, Vinny, Taylor H. and D., Sarah, and Kelli

You're my best friend Ooo, you make me live I've been wandering round But I still come back to you In rain or shine - Queen

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do Merpeople Read This?

Every day we make choices. Mostly without asking your self: will this mess up my life? We've been reading The Giver in English and it really got me thinking (and I don't think that much). In the book there is a community that people don't have to make very many decisions. The only decisions are if you want children, a spouse, and to follow the rules. None of which do they have a say in. Things like spouses, and kids, and even jobs are chosen for them. And if they don't follow the rules they are killed. But in all they aren't told much and don't have many choices. Life is almost perfect. If we had made the decision for a community like that how bad would that actually be? I'm still pretty ify on it. I love the fact that I can express myself and do what I want. But maybe that freedom isn't that good. There's always going to be a person who makes bad decisions and ends up taking someones life. Anyway, you were given the right as a human, or merperson if there is wifi underwater, to make decisions. God if merpeople read this it would be the greatest achievement ever! Not even Perez get that!!Please don't go mess it up. Alls I'm saying is that if you think about things before doing them the world might be a better place. And if I sound high to you right now I understand. I think I was dropped on the head as baby.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Giant Guinea Pig/ Dog/ Cat?!?

Hey Guys, 
So I just got done watching 20/20. At first was a long topic on bullying and and why they do it very interested and I am trying my best to stop internationally. But what I really want to talk about is the last section about crazy pets that people have. So it's not the pets that are crazy but the owners. But I respect them because they have so much love for the majestic animals. The first on was this 2000 lb buffalo that lived with this couple. It acts like a it has been trained for years when really the family just gave it so much love that it behaves. They let it go inside of their house and it doesn't make a mess or destroy anything! Where can I get one? 
The next animal is called a Capybara. I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's like a mix of dog cat and giant guinea pig. It's the biggest rodent in the world and really rare in America. But it's like one of the cutest animals I've ever seen. This woman keeps it as a pet. She takes it for walks and shows it to people.

Caplin Rous, The World's Most Famous Capybara. And it eats popsicles!

I don't think an animal can get any better! They are both adorable and if  had the chance I would be like the owners and take care of them,

Wants to hug them,

XOXOJenni!/pages/Caplin-Rous-The-Worlds-Most-Famous-Capybara/175370938657?v=wall Caplin's facebook

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Things You Don't know About ME

Hey so I just wanted to tell you things about me that really do explain my craziness... maybe not explain but some examples!!!!!!!!
1. I really love candy so I named my guinea pigs after candy. Their names are Skittles and Reeses Pieces! (It's not like I want to eat them)
2. When it's cold out I'm hot and vice-versa when it's hot. But "technically" I'm not bipolar... for now
3. Everytime I see an animal I chase it down and try hugging it
4. I am an uber bitch if woken up in the middle night. But hey, it's not my fault you bothered me
5. I only listen to rap and pop. I read somewhere once that country music is a leading music for suicide and only depressing people would want to listen to that
6. I break out in dance in the middle of public when I hear a good song
7. One time I got into an argument with a door because twice in one day I ran into it... it didn't answer back. Doors weren't invented for privacy, they were made to make me feel bad about myself
8. I've never gone to the same school for more than 2.5 years
9. I laugh at the stupidest things
10. I could perform in front of the president and not be scared but I've never been able sing to my mom
11. I watched videos on youtube called The Annoying Orange who is an annoying talking orange but hillarious
12. I don't have much common sense
13. I'm an active member of JEL
14. HAPPY HANUKKAH! JK I'm not Jewish but if I was I would totally scream mazel tov all THE time

 My foot is asleep at this very moment,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waiting is America's (Fat) Pride

Waiting is the reason why America is so obeese. My new philosophy as I wait for about 6 hours at the "supposible good" Mayo Hospital. Who wouldn't be mad as you must sit for so long and be told what to do. I could have gone to school today and exercised in gym class, instead I had to come here and listen to boring conversations and gross subjects. And it drives the hell out of me. They shouldn't make impatiant people do nothing for hours. I got so pissed today. It didn't help that I was hungry and tired. Plus there is rules that 17 and under people can't go in certain places. So as far as they know I'm 18. I read in a newspaper article that people spend more than 20% of their lives in waiting places and traffic. That is so alarming that we can't get anything done fast enoguh so we can't excercise and of course we gain weight. I wonder if any of you guys get mad waitning. Maybe if there was something better to do that sit around. Luckily though they have wireless so I can write this blog in the absolute tiniest room ever!  That's basically why I don't like traveling unless by air because honestly traveling all over the country is so boring and long.

But if they got treadmills in waiting room that would be so much better,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maybe Paris Was Told It Was Gum

When you turn on any media television show now you basically hear about drugs, celebs getting married or new movies that aren't worth seeing. Lindsey Lohan especially because she keeps on failing drug tests and being in and out of jail and rehab. People make fun of her but I blame her parents for starting out their child as a child star. Everyone knows that Dina and Michael Lohan are money hungry. So yeah most child stars either become has been or partiers who always fail drug and alcohol. But what really bothers me is how people keep nit picking at Paris Hilton. They say she always gets what she wants and out of trouble because of her daddy, but she works hard for her money. I beg differ. The hotel heiress recently was busted with pot in her purse while in Vegas recently. Reportedly she thought it was gum. Which makes people call her a dumb blond (which I find offensive). But maybe the guy she was hanging with gave it to her telling her it was a new kind of Stride or Orbit. Yes, she  is known for drug use but was it really necessary for Japan to keep her locked up in an air port? HECK NO! Maybe if the paparazzi gave them some space and let them work out their problems we wouldn't have another Britney shaving head while holding babbies hostage moment,
There problem solves,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ignorance in PUBLIC

Hey guys, so I wanna talk about who we all hate. It's always the kid in class who's really stupid and nobody likes. They think they're funny and screaming dumb jokes. We laugh along just to shut them up but really we all wanna go ninja cut their head off. It's seams what ever class I'm there's always one of hem. We're just fueling the dumb ass to keep going. The others who hate the person should all gang up and lock that person in a locker. And it's not really just in school. It's everywhere you go. This summer I went to Tennessee and Kentucky only to find out they're even more dumb and ignorant down south. Hillbillies are deff. one of my pet peeves! Shouting about common knowledge and saying jokes that went out like years ago.In conslusion, what the hell is wrong with America to let The Annoying into our regular life?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Really Not Illigal

Hey guys! HAPPY OCTUBRE! In case you didn't know (that's Spanish for October). I love October. The pretty leaves that when I watch they satisfy my A.D.D. (jK). Birthday parties. Scary movies on TV that I watch all the time... which really don't help with the fact that I'm afraid of the dark and ghosts. BUT BEST OF ALL TRICK-OR-TREATING! So in my old city Dubuque there was a law that you gotta be 12 or below to be able to go trick or treating. Natuarally I was shocked when I moved to a small town that there is no legal age limit. So look out peops I'ma shake you up for candy.... wow that sounds VERY perverted! So my question now is what to wears???

Friday, October 1, 2010

Now Is the Time

There is a serious epemdemic cross the planet that just keeps getting worse. When people hear this they usually think of deadly diseases. Not this time. It's bullying. In the past year I have had two friends kill themselves because of bullying. One almost a year ago the other just a week ago. It's disgusting that anyone would be so harsh to others. Now is the time that we all must join together and stomp out bullying. Just because your friends are gonna think your like the person you defend if they are teasing him doesn't mean you should just participate with them. That clarifies to most people as murder because you lead them through so much anxiety and depression they feel it their only way out. The national government has reported that nearly 30% of American teenagers have either been bullied or are they bully. That's so alarming. And most of the offenders are likely to have had at least one criminal charge. I can't stress enough on how much we need to end all discrimination. Everyday when we are at school we all see this happening others. Be the bigger person and go help that victim out. If you don't you're no better than the bully.

To learn more please visit
And if you or somebody you know are being bullied please tell somebody.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Earth... Is There a Kardahian There

So if you guys have been  paying attention to the news lately then you would know about this new crazy awesome planet that is just like earth. Has all these things that we do like oxygen, water, land but does it have aliens. It's like 120 trillion miles away so it would take hundreds of years to get there. So if you ever plan to even know if there is life on the planet just stop because unless you have a time maching you will never know. Plus what we see when we look up at night are stars and we see a couple thousand years into the past. So I guess I'll just have to except that I'll never get to go to another planet or if there is other life out there. Don't get me wrong, I know there is, I'm just waiting for proof before people declare just how crazy I am. Personaly I think scientificaly this planet has already died.

And what's up with the name? I mean who the hell names a planet Gliese 581. Maybe in the spoken language there it means Milf.... Anyway I don't it's right for humans to be aloud to name planets and galaxies that don't belong to us. What if the aliens come here with their awesome technology and kill us for trying to take over their property?!? Maybe their aliens are all awesome and the look like the Kardashians and they all either marry black athletes or white assholes.... Sounds like my kind of planet where we party it up!

Because we all know little green aliens aren't real,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sister Pact? Insanity Mormanity!

Hey guys,
So I just got done watching a show called Sister Wives (c) TLC, and I am completely disgusted. I know I usually don't judge others but something like this needs some changes made!!!!!

Brief summery: A Morman man who is already married to three other women is and has many children starts dating and wants to marry another woman with 3 kids. And somehow these Polyigamists woman are okay with that. All the wives live together and raise their families together.

So my question is, is this really acceptable? It seems like this religion in particularly Utah treat their wives like a piece of meat. It is illegal to marry more than one woman in this country and most of the world. How are they getting away with this? I'm placing my money on them brain washing the woman into marriage.Most people usually agree with me when I get into this topic.

Also, why is the Morman religion so sexist? The men can have as many wives as they please but woman can only have one husband! Also in the really traditional little towns girls are expected to be married and have children by the age of 14. Either let have woman have more than one or obey the law.
But I guess it's not really surprising considering they have such crazy rules like they guys having to go on a mission for 2 years after high school, no caffine or alcohol. It's insane. And talk about a downer for the booze industries stocks. I know I could never live in a world my rights as an equal person. So just leave me a comment of your thoughts via twitter or facebook. I would love to hear.

Homecoming Pics 9/26/10

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ahhhhhhh It's that time of the year again. No not Ramadan. Homecoming! The time for dressing randomly all week. Being uber competative with other schools. Voting for girls you wish you could be. The biggest football game of the year. And my favorite part the dance! So this week was homecoming and tonight is the dance. I thought it would be really lame considering the theme was disco but it was actually pretty fun. We had dress like your from the 70's, a teacher, clashing out fits/ messy hair, super hero, and my personal fave SPIRIT DAY! Can't wait for tonight, post pics later,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Future (unrealistic) Plans

Hey guys,
What's up? I'm just kidding I really don't care considering nobody probably actually reads my blod so let's just talk about future unrealistic dreams. So I want to finish high school. From there move on to college mastering in anthropology. Which isn't going to be usefull because some time while performing in a musical event at the University of Iowa and a talent scout/ agent will discover me and fly me off to Los Angelas where I will land a good movie audition. With the money from that I will buy a nice Malibu beach house. And with the money left over start my music career and win Grammy's and Oscar's for the rest of my life! With vacation homes in a cottage in Germany, a villa in Rome, a beach house in Bali, and an apartment in Manhatten and Tokyo.

But just in case that doesn't work I will use the my degree and teach about psychiological history and finish German and move to the best city in the world, good ol' Berlin, Deutschland!

A wish can come true,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Hate Discriminators

You guys may think your so cool when you talk about people behind their backs. Usually it's about something they can't control. It just drives me insane to hear people discriminate. Where I hear it mostly though on television from the governent and in the school hallways. I go to a very small school thats in the middle of no where. Everybody their is VERY Christian and are set on their values. They constantly are hating on other religions and mostly homosexuality. And the governent (mostly republicans) is always asuming that if a person is Muslamic they are terrorist but they are not. I've met some before and they are very nice people. They also display homophobia by denying don't ask don't tell and not allowing gay marriage. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE GET OVER YOURSELVES! We are all people. But everyday we all hear people talking badly about race, gender, religion, sexuality, financial issues, political, appearence, ect.. Honestly I don't care what your probelms are with these people. And anyone can just as easily find something to bring against you.We are all humans and most of these issues people are born with and can't control. You probably think just because I am 14 I don't know what I'm talking about but I do know that pretty soon the world have to depend on eachother and if we don't get a long the world will end before 2012!
Please just think before you speakm

Monday, September 20, 2010

Forget Back To The Future

Hey guys,
Who all wants to bring the eighties "totally" back? I do! Tight clothes, big hair, and music that has really no point. What could be better. I always wished I could have lived back then when everyone was so okay with others. My parents got to live back then and try telling me it was so awesome but apparently "I couldn't handle it". I beg to differ. The only down points are no modern technolgy or Tokio Hotel. I mean sure there was amazing music and hot guys but I would have only had crushes and fan girl moments of those bands. But the lead sing of Tokio Hotel I am in total love with. ACTUAL LOVE (and I'm not delusional.) But I really do think the 80's would be epic. Even if I might epically fail at rock and rolling all night and partying everyday but I so would put on my best hyper spirit. And I love love love the style back then. I mean, HELLO THEY DID CREAT SKINNY JEANS. And neon is something I wear everyday anyway so that's a check on my list! So I'ma just call up Dr. Emett Brown and Marty McFly and go for a ride in the Dalorian. (If you don't get that you don't deserve to be in the 80's.) Oh gag me with a spoon!
I'm totally fer sure like radically yours,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stop With the MAYBE

Hey guys, and I do mean guys this time around. I need all of the guys who read this to help me out cuz I'm in a stump. So this subject played out over the week.

A 10th grader, let's call him... Paco, wanted to take me to home coming. I had never me him before. So I had a friend tell Paco all about me. We asked him to sit at our lunch table. I should have known from the start that he was a loser because he was too afraid to ask me and had my friends ask for hime right in front of my face. So like the idiot I am I said yes. The next day I asked to make sure he still wanted to go. The asshole said MAYBE! I asked my best guy friend what he meant by that. He told me"when a guy says maybe they mean no!" I was so angry. I asked him again the day after that and instead of saying anything he just walks out of the room! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!


NOT XOXO for once,

Friday, September 17, 2010

There's a Point of Too BLOND

Hey guys! So I want to tell you just how blond I can get. So today was my worst blond day yet. So because we had first period in a different classroom this morning I thought it was later. I got first and secend period mixed up. WHICH IS A NIGHTMARE because I went to gym instead of choir and before I realized the confusion  I went to the locker room. I got changed and went out to the gym. I thought maybe they went outside and we didn't have to change out. SO I went outside where I ended up being LOCKED OUT OF THE BUILDING! I had to bang on the door for five minutes until someone let me in. I went all the way down to the woodshop room in my uniform only to find out from my class mates that it was second period. It was a total nightmare and I ended up getting a 15 minute tardy to chorus. I feel like a re-tardy! But this kind of thing happens to me everyday. I usually end up blaming all stupid things I do on the fact that I'M WAY TOO BLOND FOR MY OWN GOOD!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hold My Meat Purse: VMA 2010

SO I'm sure most of you readers who live in America watched the VMA's on Sunday. All I can say is 'what the hell?' Definitely no where near as good as last year. Maybe it was because Beyonce wasn't there, Taylor actually forgave Kanye, Kanye was being non-drunk, or could it just be that Lady GaGa wasn't on enough? Seriously three hours wasted!

Time to call PETA! Lady GaGa's last out fit in which she was wearing for best song, Bad Romance, was made entirely of meat! Gross. So many people touched her and I can only imagine how much she smelled with the heat of the spotlights! If you know anything about fashion and read Vogue like I do, you would've already seen that outfit on Vogue's Italian issue this month. But I gotta say I love her quote when she met Cher- "I never thought I'd be asking Cher to hold my meat purse!" Gotta Love GaGa!

I was really surprised though of Best New Artist. So the nominees were Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, and Broken Bells (who I've never heard of). And the winner was Justin Bieber. I hate that little girl. Seriously he needs to go through pubery. And I was surprised that his little eight year old fans know how to use the internet to vote. Ke$ha or Nicki should have won. I was so pissed.

Maybe next year will be better though,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blonds Die FIRST!

As a natural blond I find it offensive when I watch horror movies. It's always a classic that the blond dies first! Why? Is it to scare us? Tell us that we are dumb. Yeah I've heard all the blond jokes before. We're not all dumb. Okay maybe I'm a few words short of a sentence and have short attention spans but I still don't like it.

I have a feeling horror movies all written and directed by brunettes and red heads. I mean really what blond would want to see a fellow partier die. Because everybody knows that blonds have more fun. And the only reason them make the plot like that is because they are jealous! I don't blame them. Who wants their hair color to be the color of shit?

What ever! Guess we're gonna have to deal with it until blue like Marge Simpson becomes a natural color...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Candy! CANDY! XD Chipmunks HUGGING

Candy- my life source. I mean who really cares that America is getting fatter each minute. All I want is a freaking bag of Skittles and then some my life becomes a real life California Gurls video! I eat almost anything that is sweet. It's not a wonder I'm so overweight but hell it's lot better than doing drugs. (Except when I crave it so much I swear I'll snort a pixie stick)



So anyway just keep on enjoying those over-sized bags of candy. Who really wants to wait for Halloween anyway?


Friday, September 10, 2010

Sing/Talking Waiting For a New Chris Crocker!

Omg I just have to say that I actually support sing/talking! I mean "pop stars" like Ke$ha who don't actually sing but more like talk but still have hit "songs". They make me wanna party. It's usually fine as long as the have a good beat behind them.I mean you can even consider Britney Spears a sing/talker if you want. Oddly enough, I did research (for once) and scientist say that unless your 28 or younger your gonna be really annoyed. What ever I love this music and it makes me wanna dance because it brings out an 80's vibe.

But I'm waiting for a Leave Ke$ha Alone Video. Fans of Ke$ha no of fence but sooner or later she's gonna go really crazy and the media will treat her like a piece of garbage and money. I'm sure you Brit fans know what I'm talking about.

Maybe it will be me. Check around later on where I might have a mental break down over Nicki Minaj. Lol JK!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Youtube Comedians: Asians Rampage!

People who go on youtube are usually there to either
a.) listening to music
b.)looking up porn (not me just the people I know)
c.) Watching funny videos

I am all for a and c. And so I wanna give you some good adivse for people to watch.  I've noticed though that the most successful people are usually Asian. Which I think is awesome because Asian guys are so hot... AnYwAy I've done my research and devised 2 lists of comedians. Asians and no-Asians.

Non-Asian List

  • Onision -a white guy who's obsessed with anime and promotes being veggie
  • Shane Dawson -a white guy who includes what's happening in the celeb world
  • Danny Noriega -half Spanish guy who is funny even though he's just ranting or singing
  • Charlieissocoollike -a crazy awesome British guy who does funny challenges
  • KevJumba -an American who's dad with broken English is usually oriented in the vids and made fun of
  • NigaHiga -the most subscribed channel. A funny Hawaiin/ Asian who makes fun of everything you can thing ok
  • ShimmyCoCoPuffsss -a stylish (not gay) Canadian guy who likes to make fun of white people

So my question is why is the world so in love with Asians? Maybe it's because they fall into their own category of comedy. Or because they have sent China to implant chips into whatever they make for us (kidding). I think it is mostly funny to watch the Asians actually from Asia try speaking English! Whatever it is I can't get enough.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Manipulative? Maybe not

Is it really considered manipulative to flirt with guys? Not in my book. If you think about it guys are attracted to us just by looking at our features and would probably end up what we want them to do any way. And its also the other way around. Think of it this way- a guy walks up to you at school. He's really hot and wondered if you could help tudor you. He's not flirting but you do notice what he looks like and makes you want to do it anyway.

So why do people call us whores/man-whores? Because they are jealous. Usually the ones who call us whores have horrible features and can probably never get dates. DUH! I mean really "shake what your momma gave ye" right! So the next time someone calls you a whore and remember that it was gonna happen anyway.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cheer Up

Me and my sis
When I see a sad face
Knowing how they feel
Like they're trapped in lace

I tell them to cheer up

Feeling like there's no door
That can lead them out
They needn't feel too poor

Look at what you have and cheer up

The children praise elders actions
So look up to the sky
Hold hands in satisfaction

And remember to always cheer up
By me (C) 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ugh I was horrible!

So today I had my audition for the fall musical "My Fair Lady". I tried out as Eliza and during the audition I did some stupids things that I wish I hadn't.
  • I rocked back and forth while singing
  • My voice cracked during a high note
  • I have a horrible cockney accent
So now I'm hoping a couple of people get larengitas or not many people tried out because I really want a part. Wow I sound like a bitch..... Anyway yeah I love the musical so much.

 Dancing Bannanas for all,