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Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13 socks

Day 1- a pink sock with a frog and and a blue sock with a laughing monkey

Daily Socks

Hey guys,
From NOW until the rest of November I am going to  post a pic of my socks.... which very so much my feet are bipolar.

What You Can DO!
\I want to see you're crazy socks... hair styles.... even socks you put on your cat. Send them to me at or my facebook if we are friends. and I will post them on here for the world to view! SO go look under your bed for the 10s upon 100s of socks that have gone missing over the years!

Friday, October 7, 2011

You Spent How Much

I want Troy Palumalu's hair. It's so pretty and it doesn't look like it has split ends. A worthy investment? If you're a billionair willing to pay wopping million dollars for insurance.

It kills me what people spend their money on. I was checking my email this morning and found this on Yahoo! It seems like if something is more expensive people will spring for it. Cry of attention much? I find it bizarre just finding out that some girls spent $400 on homecoming... something that lasts 1 night.

Don't get me started on rappers where every other song the write is about money.

The price of tickets for the 2012 London Olympicswill be the priciest ever sold in the game history, simply because the process of selling tickets is now different.
If you are interested in seeing all of the ceremonies like opening or closing ceremonies with four A-rated events, then be ready to purchase a minimum of 10 tickets (per person) per event.
In this big playing event food and drinks are included with a seat, and the price of a ticket will cost you $7,300 per person. After taxes, the cost of a ticket will be $8,760 per.

What is with overspenders?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looky Here. I'm Back

Hey GUYYYYSSSS (and rabbits)!
I'm back! So I just had a very long conversation with myself (which I have quite frequently.) and decided I could care less about the hater coments I recieved about 1/2 a year a go. You know the ones that caused me to stop writing in the first place. I traced down where they came from and they ended up at one person's computer.... Whatever you can hate on but I'm just gonna stay strong.

So I guess that my biggest problem with life is that I let what people say get to me. Even though most of the comments come from my hater seen up above in real life. I have let this person make me cry too much!!!

I've been introduced to God and a great set of friends who basically told me its okay to let my freak flag fly. I'm not going to conform to the lifestyle of being fake and everyone pretending to like me. I'll just being myself and let people be themselves as well.

....So Lets Just Live Like We're In The Pink Song- Raise Your Glass

So You Can Hate On Me Hater Now Or Later


Thursday, December 16, 2010

She Really Can't Be Tamed

Singer/ actress/ identity crisis Miley Cyrus is definitely not the best role model. She's been caught pole dancing, wearing revealing outfits, getting drunk, doing IT in a church. But that apparently "Not a big deal." A video was revealed last week of her smoking a bong with California legal drug Saliva. She got hallucinations saying she thought she kept seeing her boyfriend. Her friends video taped and she claims that she had no idea it was filmed. What I think is that she knew it was being filmed and wanted it to be released like other *ahem* "contented videos" celebs have done. And why not? It will just raise her ratings.
News flash Miley- You're just copying others.

In other celeb news
  • Kim Kardashian who's been in the media alot for being seen with many men for publicity says she's now going to be single. Indeed she does have much work in front of her but when did that ever stop her? All I can say is good luck
  • Hollywood is aflashin with rendezvous rumors between Prince Harry and Real Housewives of D.C. star Catherine Ommanny. But why does that matter now seeing as this may or may not have happened 3 years ago which is like a century LA time. If it did happen and I was her I so would not complain... he's hot and royal.
Oh well that's what you get from this world. So i'm just gonna enjoy the rest of my snow day,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Products Seen On TV

Hey guys,
Throughout this I will not be using any product names do to the fact that I could be sued.

   So I have tried alot of commercial products, but tonight I think I found one that works but really hurts. It is a piece of rubber that you attach a sand paper adhesive to. It taks like 15 minutes to do one leg and you have to repeatedly rub it on the same area. It leaves a white dust that is supposibly "exfoliated dead skin cells" all over. It feels like bad skin rash or razor burn and makes skin really dry. So I suggest you just stick to a good 'ol razor and shaving cream.
Then theres that cake silicon pan that supposed to look like giant cupcake. When I open the freaking box I was so mad! They look twice as small as they do on TV.  Really company who makes them? There are way too many girls in the world who would do anything for a giant cupcake then they get it and you break their hearts? Also when trying to get them out they break apart! Talk about a birthday ruiner...
   My advice, if you want to buy a product off of an infomercial do the research and reviews! They really pay off in the end,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Have Done It!

Three days ago a very Asian Youtube short film was posted. Name- Agent of Secret Stuff. A comedy from well known youtubers NigaHiga and WongFuProductions about Aden (Ryan Higa), an agent in training who's final task before he becomes an A.S.S. or (Agent of Secret Stuff) is sent to a high school where he must protect Taylor (Arden Cho) from any dangers she might face.

At first she and her friends believe he is a creepy stalker but when he tells her why he is there they become friends. Taylor teaches him all of the thinks teenagers like to do because he has missed out on a regular life. But all seems bad when a fellow classmate becomes a suspicious person to Aden. The antagonist is Melvin (or Dominic Sandoval. He is well known as D-Trix from the ABDC winners Quest Crew.)
This production is fantastic! The acting is amazingly good! I suggest you watch this comedy- thriller. My ratings- 4 Stars! You can watch the 35 minute short film at
Thanks for reading my first video review,